Sonoma County Employment Benefits (California)

The Sonoma County Department of Labor is a government agency at the state, county, or local level that supports employers and employees by enforcing fair labor laws, promoting safe and fair working conditions, and developing employment opportunities in Sonoma County, California. Departments of Labor offer a range of services to those seeking employment, including social services and employment benefits for unemployed workers in Sonoma County, job training programs, and employment opportunities. Many Departments of Labor post Sonoma County job openings on their sites and help connect employers with job seekers.

Santa Rosa California Department of Labor Santa Rosa CA 50 D Street, 230 95404 707-576-2362

The Sonoma County Unemployment Office is a government agency at the state, county, or local level that provides support to people who are unemployed in Sonoma County, California. Unemployment Offices provide support services for people applying for Sonoma County employment benefits, including help with obtaining healthcare and other benefits, and process and submit unemployment insurance payments. Sonoma County Unemployment Offices also offer job training services and provide assistance in finding employment.

Sonoma County Job Link Santa Rosa CA 2227 Capricorn Way 95407 707-565-5550

The Sonoma County Workers Compensation Office is a government agency run at the state, county, or local level that provides support and compensation for workers who are injured on the job or acquire an occupational disease in Sonoma County, California. Sonoma County Workers Comp Offices support employees by offering employment benefits including wage replacement benefits, medical treatments, vocational rehabilitation, and other services, such as protecting worker safety by enforcing Sonoma County labor laws. The benefits provided by Workers Compensation Offices are available to Sonoma County government employees and those employed by private companies.

Santa Rosa California Workers Compensation Santa Rosa CA 50 D Street, 420 95404 707-576-2452